03  August | Thursday
13:00 ~ 19:00 | Ilica Street 22/2, Zagreb

Why to attend?

The most visited course that helps you create a bond with nature and pass into a breathtaking record. You'll have an opportunity to examine Paul's works along with other famous landscape photography masterpieces and understand what makes the results so eye-capturing and memorable.



Paul McDavis

Photographer | Landscape 

Paul manages to create boundaries between the nature, reality and a parrallel world that exists inside each of us. This award-winning fellow is also a passionate backpacker and a green activist.

Breathtaking nature views and how to capture them

13:00 ~ 15:00

15:00 ~ 16:00


Arthur Rodney

Photographer | Designer

He doesn't just capture shots, but creates a perfect atmosphere and settings for them through incredible light sculpting. A real light wizard and professional educator, that's all Arthur.

Working in the wild experience

16:00 ~ 19:00

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Other topics


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Fashion photography course covers a range of techniques for creation of fashion, clothing and film photography. You can also subscribe for a full seminar with the speakers right after the session.   


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